Frequently Asked Questions

When to Enroll

Student’s may enroll as early as age 15 in our drivers education program.  Our classes can fill up quickly, so be sure to pre-enroll by completing the enrollment information on the class schedule page.

Classroom Training

Students take Driver Education class 1 and class 2 to complete 10 hours of classroom training

Driving Sessions

After completing their classroom training, students will receive 3 driving lessons with personalized, behind the wheel driving instruction from State certified driving instructors.  Students will schedule 3 separate driving sessions.  Our instructor will provide your student with a Driving Feedback Form with items that you can work on with your student in between lessons with us.  Students will receive a completion certificate on their last (3rd ) driving session.  Driving sessions will focus primarily in the areas around the towns where students live.  We do not take students to Tulsa to practice drive unless they live in the city of Tulsa.

Driving Session Cancellation Policy

We understand that students have busy schedules.  When needing to reschedule or cancel a driving appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled driving appointment.  If we do not receive 24 hour advance notice, a $75 cancellation fee will apply.

Private Driving Lessons

Private lessons are designed for teens and adults who have their permit but need driving instruction from a professional instructor.  These sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length and the cost is $175. We will meet you at our office in Owasso.

Our Cars

Our cars are equipped with automatic transmissions, dual brake systems (passenger side brake), an additional rear view mirror on the instructor’s side, and Student Driver signs.  Our cars are newer model Honda Civics.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are certified by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and have at least 80 hours of training before becoming certified to instruct students.  Our instructors undergo an OSBI background check and continued service training.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer a discount for State certified driver’s education programs.  We encourage parents to call their insurance company to verify that information.

Gift Certificates

Safer Driving School gift certificates make a great gift!  We can customize a gift certificate for driver’s education or private driving lessons.  Please call our office or send us an email to arrange to pick one up for your student’s special day.

Testing Services

Safer Driving School is approved by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety to administer the road skills driving test.  Tests are scheduled by appointment only for students who have completed a driver education program.  Students will test in our car.  If a student passes their driving test, they will be provided with paperwork that must be exchanged at the tag agency.

Driver Manuals

Oklahoma Driver Manuals can be purchased at local tag agencies or may be downloaded from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety website.