picstudentinclassDriver’s Ed. Classes      

Walk-ins welcome for drivers education and defensive driving classes unless class is posted as full.  Driving sessions are scheduled after a student receives their permit and attends drivers ed classes.

Your student will need an Oklahoma Drivers Manual.  You can purchase manuals at any tag agency.  You should contact your student’s school to obtain their letter of reading proficiency.   That letter will be required for your student (if they are under 18) to take their written test at the Dept of Public Safety.  It is NOT required for your student to attend our class, but will be required by the Dept of Public Safety when they take their written test for their permit.

Payment for our Drivers Education program is due on the 1st day of class.   Our office is located on the north side of 76th Street in Owasso.

Oct 23rd (10am-3pm) – Oct 24th (10am-3pm) *no school for Owasso
Oct 28th (9am-3pm) – Oct 29th (1pm-5pm)
Nov 6th (4pm-9pm) – Nov 7th (4pm-9pm) *weekday evening classes
Nov 11 (9am-3pm) – Nov 12th (1pm-5pm)
Nov 13 (4pm-9pm) – Nov 14 (1pm-5pm) *weekday evening classes
Nov 18 (9am-3pm) – Nov 19th (1pm-5pm)
Nov 25th (9am-3pm) – Nov 26th (1pm_5pm)
Dec 4th (4-9pm) – Dec 5th (4-9pm) *weekday evening classes
Dec 9th (9am-3pm) – Dec 10th (1pm-5pm)
Dec 16th (9am-3pm) – Dec 17th (1pm-5pm)
Dec 20 (10am-3pm) – Dec 21 (10am-3pm) *Christmas Break Owasso
Dec 28 (10am-3pm) – Dec 29 (10am-3pm) *Christmas Break Owasso

Defensive Driving Classes

Enroll for a Defensive Driving class by going to our Contact page.  The cost is $50 cash.  Class participants will receive a certificate to provide your insurance company or the court.

Nov 4th (9am-3pm)