About Us

Thank you for your interest in Safer Driving School. We are a family owned and operated business located in Owasso and have been teaching students to drive since 2006.  We value building relationships with families and students to be able to provide personalized, caring service.  As parents of 2 boys, we know what it’s like to worry about a newly licensed teenage driver, especially as you watch them get in the car and drive away by themselves for the 1st time!  If you are like us, you pray and hope they’ve had quality training and more than enough driving experience to help prepare them for driving “on their own”.

We know learning to drive is a big deal to most teenagers and an even bigger deal for parents.  We want students who attend Safer Driving School to understand safe driving practices and the responsibility that goes along with getting their drivers license.  It’s not just about passing the driving test.   Our team is committed to teaching your student to be a responsible driver.   We want them to survive!   We encourage your students to PRACTICE as much as possible in between their driving lessons with us.

Please be sure to educate yourself about the OK Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law.   It’s important you understand that your student can have only 1 friend in their car (other than family members) and can only drive during the hours of 5am-10pm unless driving directly to/from work, church or school activity UNLESS a licensed driver at least 21 years old is in the front seat.   This endorsement will be on your student’s license for six months (if they’ve completed a drivers education course) after they pass their road skills test.    The purpose of this law is to LIMIT the distractions in your student’s car and decrease their chance of having an accident.  The law also restricts them from using ANY type of electronic hand held device, like their phone or GPS.  They can only make “emergency” phone calls. A violation of any of the above restrictions or any traffic ticket will cause the GDL restrictions to remain on your student’s license for 6 more months from date of conviction.

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you and your student.

Don & Jayme Hancock, Owners